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    I successfully created two pages, which I wanted to be available to link to from within a post. Due to Extreme Strangeness, the titles turned up in the title banner, along with HOME and ABOUT. I bothered Podz and even Andreas with this question. Through more poking around I saw that this problem can be cured by making the stand-alone pages children of another stand alone page. In this template, ABOUT was the only choice. I made the change, and presto, the titles no longer appeared in the banner.

    Now, why this occured to begin with…I leave to anyone who might have a clue.



    Because the theme doesn’t display the child Pages. Some themes do, some don’t.


    because the only way to allow users to add information to their top bar is by listing pages.
    otherwise, you couln’t have an about link in your top bar.

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