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    I just lost the second thousand-plus wordcount post in two days. I hit “publish” and I get “Page Unavailable” and of course, nothing when I go back to the previous page. Why is this suddenly happening? I don’t like to write up in Word and paste it in, but I’m certainly not going to risk another loss like that; it’s just crushing.

    Does this have anything to do with the missing WYSIWYG tools that you have to hit Refresh over and over to restore? My best amateur guess is that the bandwidth is feeling some pressure and can’t squeeze out or accept that much info at a time, but I could be totally off base here. Any ETA on fixing either of these problems? My time to make a post doubled when the tools vanished, and with the posts going Poof! it’s basically brought the blog to a standstill.



    Can I make a guess?

    You are using FireFox
    If so that may be at the root of the problem. Since I upgraded from 1.5 page/server not found is more than common, along with timeouts.

    BTW, from what I have read here using Word to cut and paste into your blog is risking a entire butt load of coding/format errors.

    There has also been a few issues with the WYSIWYG editor as well. Turn it off and go to the HTML toolbar.

    I combat the problem by saving long posts to the clipboard then hitting publish. If it timesout I still have a copy.



    Indeed Word can insert strange code.

    If you’re worried about losing long posts then you could write (and save!) them in notepad and transfer them.

    I have never used the WYSIWYG editor, never had any luck with it, but have never had a problem writing a post.

    I use Opera by the way, Firefox sucks donkey balls on my PC.




    Nope, using Internet Explorer.

    If I knew HTML, why would I be here? I wouldn’t need Wordpad. I’m here because the templates and features, when they work, are just what I need.

    I’d far rather have errors than what I currently have, which is an hour of typing and then heartbreak.



    There seems to be something seriously,seriously wrong with the WordPress software.Major bug. I get the same thing on both Firefox and Internet Explorer. I also lost thousand word posts and I find the lack of resolution quite annoying, especially since this is going on for days now.



    Well, the situation is now changed, although I cannot say it’s improved.

    Now, when I hit “Write a New Post” or “Write” or any of the buttons that take you to the writing page, I get a dumbed-down version of the WYSIWYG editing stuff, but I cannot click in the box to write anything down. And if I wait, it just goes to a completely blank page. I can see it’s loading something from tinyurl…zip…I can’t actually make out the rest of it, because it’s very long, but it’s not what normally loads for this page. My blog is absolutely frozen now.



    Here is the actual URL that loads when I try to go to the Write Post page:



    Can I offer a simple solution?

    Turn off TinyMCE/Rich Text/WYSIWYG/Whatever you want to call it today.

    All of the problems that people mention are to do with Tiny. Turn it off and go back to the plain text editor. I am 90% certain that the problem will disappear.

    Raincoaster – What was meant by the HTML toolbar was simply that when you turn off Tiny, the standard editor comes in and the toolbar above the write post area is HTML rather than the MS Word style buttons on Tiny.

    The buttons work exactly the same way.


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