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  1. Hi. I'm a noob. I want to make a page called "Blog" refers to my wordpress URL (, not
    how to do that? I've seen many people do that to their blogs.

    I've tried to make this page as my posts page and my front page, but it's not working...

  2. Dashboard -> Write -> Page

    Also please read these
    Beginner's Guide

    Welcome to wordpress and happy blogging. :)

  3. Dashboard -> Write -> Post
    This explains the difference between a static Page and a Post

  4. The pages you will make, will always be in the form of the first link you gave. For example, if you create a page called "resources," the URL the system will assign to that page will be . A page named "contact" will have a URL of .

    The main page of your blog, most times called "home" is the one that is assigned the URL of and is the dynamic page that updates each time you make a post with the newest posts at the top and the rest of your posts under that one chronologically by date published.

  5. He's got these ones now


  6. Thanks tt, pleasant dreams.

  7. thanks but I've read all those faqs and couldnt found my answer yet.

    Basically I want my front page showing all my recent posts and also, I want all my posts are under the same page called "Blog".

    But I cant seem to set this "Blog" page to be the Front-Page and Posts-Page at the same time.

  8. Any page you create using write > page is static. A static page does not update automatically and is used to post information that does not change often, such as an "about" page. Posts you write will be on the main page, which is at . There is no way to rename, or change the page that the posts appear on to "blog". It's coded into the theme files and we do not have access to them.

    The only way that you could do what you want, is to get your own domain name, hire a web host, download and install the wordpress software from You would then have to open up and modify (hack) a theme's html, and possibly the php files. Not something that is recommended unless you are experienced with html and php.

  9. I see... but allow me to point out another wordpress blog just to make sure if it possible,

    When we go to that blog, the front page will be the "Blog" page, and when we click that page from the header, it'll lead to the main page. Not Tthat's what I actually been wondering how to do it. I'm sorry if I didnt make myself clear before ;P

  10. That is not another blog; it is a blog. They are two different things.

  11. really? I'm sorry. How to differ them?

  12. You can only tell the difference by noticing whether or not your blue admin bar is visible. If you are signed in and it's not visible, that is not a blog.

    In any case, what you're asking for is standard on blogs. The main page of a blog always functions the way you want, whether it's called "blog" or not. If you want a website that has more than a blog, maybe what you want is to install WordPress on your own webspace (see for that).

  13. But the blue bar of WP is visible to me on that blog...
    And no, I want exactly like that shows.

    So again, how can I make a page that links to main-page which contains my recent posts, like that?

  14. That is your normal blog page. You don't have to make it. Just post your posts as you normally would and they will show up like that.

  15. Ok thank you raincoaster.
    But I want to make it, and that blog just showed me that it's possible.
    So, anyone else can help me?

  16. You don't have to make it. It already exists. Maybe what you want is to use the same theme as that other blog? You can do that on your Presentation page.

  17. raincoaster: i think he's referring to how that blog has the 'blog' tab instead of a 'home' tab - he wants to do the 'blog' tab.

    zha1: i'm not entirely sure, but try changing the interface language by editing your profile (top right side in dashboard).

  18. add: he wants to do the blog tab without turning it into a page, but making it as if it's a 'home' tab naturally as it appears in the blog example he gave.

  19. yeah that's right. I've been doing some searching and I found that the tab "Blog" is theme dependent. Is it true?

  20. Yes that is true. The theme you are using does not have a "tab" for the main page. Instead, to get back to the main page, you click on the title of your blog at the top. If you must have it say blog, then you will have to find a theme that has that tab, and that name for the main page. The link you gave is using the K2 theme.

  21. Ok thanks a lot thesacredpath. :)
    sulz, timethief and raincoaster...

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