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Page view is not showing in my stats

  1. On Saturday, I added a post. On the following day, I received a notice that a blogger "likes" this post, but there is no indication in my stats about this page view. Moreover, going from 22 page views on Saturday to one page view on Sunday doesn't make sense. How many other page views are missing from my stats?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is a very common issue.

    People who are subscribed to your blog can Like it without registering as a pageview.

    When hits are under 100 a day they are extremely volatile, so a difference between 22 and 1 is perfectly reasonable.

  3. So if 'Angela' shows up on ones blog is that counted as a view. Because she was there constantly yesterday and I had a fairly good day. She's there again today but........zilch!
    Sorry to butt in but I was going to post about this but as this thread was a similar issue........sorry if I sound dim but but the 'Angela' thing is a tad confusing. :(

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