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Page View Problem. Well not really a problem but... eh, just read the post lol!!

  1. i can't think of a way to simplify this question without getting into details, so here goes...

    i check my site stats all the time, and i notice certain posts get constant views. and i also notice that when i look at the "referrers" lots of times they come from Google Image search.

    my question, if most of the views come from people just doing image searches than is there a way to show stats of people who actually READ my blog??? it would be nice to know.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no way of knowing who actually reads your posts. What's being recorded is page views.

  3. I often do image searches because they tend to be more specific/faster, and just because I searched images, well, that does not mean I looked only at the pictures. I often read the posts in which the images are embedded. Really, there is no reason to belittle image searches.

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