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    Why is it every time DST begins and ends, the page views on almost every day the blog has been on here change radically. My best day on the blog back December “lost” 47 page views when DST began this morning. This is inexcusable that I work hard to get people to my blog and then DST takes them away, what is going on with this and why does this keep happening all the time during DST transitions?

    The blog I need help with is



    The stats will rectify. They are not real time stats. They data is cached and takes time to update.



    It’ll probably update, when DST ends and it goes back to what it had been. For someone who is keeping the stats offline it’s frustrating to have them change every time DST starts and ends. I know how many page views I had, don’t care what WP says I had last December and what WP says I now had in December, I know, it’s evident WP’s Servers Don’t

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