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    How did I get likes on a post but no page views?

    The blog I need help with is



    For 2 weeks now my homepage/archive views are very low. In weeks previous, these views would be approx twice in number of whatever I posted that day. Now they are 1/3 in number. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Has the way these numbers are tabulated changed?
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    Followers can read your posts in many places and even click “like” buttons without ever entering the blog and creating a page view stat. Those who have username accounts only but no blog can become followers and click the “like” button.

    There are several different ways that readers can start following your blog.

    Your blog followers is the sum of the following: blog followers
    Any followers from connected Publicize services (Facebook, Twitter, Messenger Connect, Yahoo!, or LinkedIn), which you can check in Settings -> Sharing

    Go to your site stats page and click Totals, Followers & Shares

    Click the Blog link under the number and the Site Stats » My Followers page will open. Click the Email Followers link.

    As I said above a follower or anyone with a username account can click the “like” button without visiting your blog and creating a page view stat.

    A follower can click the “like” button when viewing your posts in the Readomatic reader on the home page of
    A follower can click the “like” button when viewing your posts on the Topics pages.
    A follower can click the “like” button when viewing your posts when using an app.
    An email subscriber can click the “like” button in the email they receive of your new posts without visiting your blog.

    P.S. To compel readers to click into my blog to read the full post I have set my RSS Feed to “summary” on this page > Settings > Reading



    I’m sorry but I don’t know how to help you. I’m seeing a drop-off in my blog stats too.

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