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Page Views, not sure this is right?

  1. I normally get on average 60 views a day, yesterday I went to bed with about that, but today I've checked on now, and my blog has 1,800 for today alone. But yet the "visitors" bit says I only had 10 people visit, making it 181 views perperson. This can't be right can it?

  2. Oh and it's all views to the one post as well, 99% from America

  3. Do you have anything in your Referrers that might account for it? Sounds to me like one of your posts got Reddited or something. There can be a lag time on the stats graph, so give it another hour and see.

  4. Only refferers is Yahoo image search for 1,797 of the views, all to the same post :/

  5. Congratulations, your image is clearly #1 in Yahoo. And whatever it is, it's very, very timely. So the traffic is indeed legit.

  6. So as it only says like 10 visitors, does that mean its as theyre only looking at the image itself and not the blog, if you get me?

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