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    I made a page private at the first of the year, not quite ready to delete it. This morning, I came onto my site while not logged in and noticed the “tab” for that page is still showing up top. When I clicked on the link, it shows “No Found”. (I cleared cache and cookies are automatically cleared when I close my browser. )

    It seems pages are not quite as easy to deal with as posts. With posts, you click Publish and it is out there, or scheduled. With pages, you have to either find the setting to automatically get them on your blog, or go to another location (Menu) to actually get it posted.

    So it seems when a page is made private, yes, the page is actually Private, but yet there is left a tab visible to others- unless you take those extra steps at a different location on your Dashboard to remove it from your blog. This now explains why I was showing hits on that page, when I thought it was not visible to others.

    Could you please consider making pages easier to post and remove?
    Thank you very much.

    The blog I need help with is

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