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    To whom it may concern:

    I am a new user of In addition to being a new WordPress user, I also have the background of a Computer Scientist. With these qualifications, I feel I can say with at least a modest amount of authority that the model of pages and posts is not intuitive and inhibits useful/natural functionality.

    Here I will describe what I mean by that last statement. It makes no sense to me that there should be a differentiation between the “write post” and “write page” functionalities. Making such a distinction between a ‘regular post’ and a ‘page post’ blocks off the ability to attach categories to page posts. It seems to me that all content in my blog should be able to be searched for via a category search so that content isn’t ‘hidden’ from users.

    I think it would be a better model to have all content be in the form of a ‘regular post.’ So, under the “Write” section of account management, there should only be a “Write post” section. Each post should provide categorizing capabilites, in addition to allowing the selection of a ‘page parent.’ This feature would allow the blogger to add a post to the main page or to any of the other user-created pages as a way to further organize their content in addition to the categorizations.

    Perhaps I still don’t understand the layout of enough to see how the existing system might be more sensical than I currently comprehend. The only thing I know is that it took me quite a while to understand the current model, and I am frustrated that I can’t add categories to my page posts.

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    It’s unfortunate that you didn’t understand the nature and operation of our pages on, which unlike most is a multi-user blogging platform. We cannot edit our templates on this multi-user blogging platform but there is an alternative open to you. and operate on different software and provide different services to users. You can choose to go to and download a free wordpress template and freely adjust it to suit your own needs. Obviously you have the required skills and it may be the very best way to address and relieve your frustrations. Please see this thread



    Timethief, you may want to reread the post above yours. She’s not asking to modify the Page template. She’s discussing the underlying structure of the WordPress platform.

    Best bet would be to either present your views over at or on the wp-hackers mailing list. You’re basically suggesting that the entire structure of WordPress to be changed and, as you state, it appears you may be missing the difference between Pages and Posts. As Timethief states, Pages were designed to be outside of the category and time structure of regular Posts. The software that runs this site is based upon the WordPress found over at and that’s where you should forward your point.

    Granted your view is acceptable and understandable and has been brought up before but, as you state, kind of misses the point of how WordPress works.

    Oh, and just for reference, bragging about your background is frowned upon around here. We get all types here and do our best to treat everybody equally. Yes, I see your IP address and see where you’re posting from.

    I do regular webhosting and I’ve got soccer moms who love using WordPress and understand it fully. Just don’t ask them to edit any files though. :)

    Hope this helps,

    [edit: gender and typos fixed – drmike]



    Oh, and I just found you on your school’s website. You may want to correct that statement about you being a Computer Scientist. :)



    @ drmike
    For the record I clearly understood every word this blogger said and I chose to respond in the manner that I did.
    (1) IMO it’s unfortunate this blogger did not appreciate that she was suggesting that the entire structure of ought to be changed to match her text-book learning. I most certainly did understand this.
    (2) Secondly, it’s unfortunate indeed that this * highly educated blogger * appeared to have missed the difference between pages and posts on our multi-user blogging platform and could not locate the FAQs entry. Once again, I do understand that our pages were designed to sit outside of the category and time structure of regular posts because you taught me this and because the same is corroborated in the FAQs.
    (3) Thirdly, it’s unfortunate that this blogger did not perceive that writing a “to whom it may concern” forum post was a dubious and extremely naive course of action to take to affect change in our multiuser blogging environment and within a corporate structure.
    (4) What is fortunate IMO is that she can still make the choice and make learned contributions to the wp hacker’s list. (Moreover, I thought perhaps she was the kind of blogger who would enjoy hacking away at her template over there.)
    * from her blog

    … I am currently an undergraduate Computer Science major studying at Virginia Tech…I am keeping this blog to fulfill a requirement for a course that I am taking this semester…



    I for one prefer having the option to have pages as well as posts. I don’t use it as much as perhaps I should, but it allows our blogs to become more than blogs; it allows them to become multipurpose websites, with all components congruent in design and function.

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