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    Currently, it is possible to display links to your pages in the sidebar using the Page widget. However, there aren’t any options, and when the the widget is enabled, all pages are listed. If many sub-pages have been created, this makes for a very long list — rather unfriendly.

    It would be very helpful if we had the the option of listing all pages or only parent pages on the Page widget. That, or allow users to customise their page sidebars! (I’d love to see this.) This way, we could place an extra box on pages that display the sub-pages.

    Eg. on the “Simpson” page, an extra box on the side with links to “Homer”, “Marge”, “Lisa”, etc; and then on the “Lisa” page, an extra box with links to “Bio”, “Quotes”, “Interview”, etc.

    Of course, links to the sub-pages could simply be listed on the parent page, but putting them in the sidebar would make navigation much easier as visitors won’t have to go back and forth between the parent page and the sub-page. Possibly making it act a bit like a framed page, but, well… :)



    in some themes (connection) it is possible



    Best bet would be to submit it via Feedback. As dwek mentions, some themes display the Pages in this matter but, when you use the widgets, you’re using the widget code instead of hos the theme designer wrote it.



    A couple of days ago, sub-pages were being listed at the foot of the parent page but htis has now disappeared. Was this a trial and can we have it back?


    I just noticed what humberyawl has just posted about…my sub-pages of each of my parent pages have disappeared. I am also wondering if this is permanent?



    We have had reports of the Regulus theme being updated and the consequence being what you have both stated. We have had reports of problems with pages and sub-pages as well. Volunteers have no prior warning of such changes or their likely outcomes.

    sub-pages were being listed at the foot of the parent page but this has now disappeared
    You can do is create links to the sub-pages at the bottom of the parent pages manually to replace the links that were previously automatically supplied.

    As far as clarification with regard to what is going on and what the expected outcome is you will have to contact staff to get that information.



    The alternative to creating your own sub-page links at the bottom of parent pages is to use the Pages widget. Do note that by opening the widget you do have the options of excluding links to sub-pages that you do not wish to appear in your sidebar.

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    Thank you for the reply and the advice!



    You’re welcome. Although the 2 fixes I provided will work I know they are not what you and others used to have. And, I strongly suspect that there is some kind of staff work on Pages going on in the background that is causing this breakage because you two are not alone. At least now staff are aware of the issues.
    Best wishes for a happy outcome. :)

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