Page Widget – Can I have more than one?

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    I am using Just Simple theme and hope someone can help. The site is There was only one page widget for the sidebar which I retitled “Artist Gallery”. In this root page, I have several “parent” pages about individual artists.

    Now I want another root page called “Art Exhibits”. In this root page, I want several “parent” pages about different art exhibits.

    How do I do this? I do not see anyway to create a NEW root page that can be retitled to “Art Exhibits”. I want the title “Art Exhibits” to look exactly like “Artists Gallery” that already exists.

    Can anyone help? How can this be achieved?

    Thank you for helping.



    You cannot have two widgets, but you can have two parent pages. Tweaking the css to display parent page names as titles might be a very challenging task (not impossible).
    An easier alternative might be to use two text widgets and list the pages manually.



    After posting my question, I read 7 things to know… My Bad! I do have a self hosted wordpress blog. I guess I need to go to a different forum for help.

    My apologizies.



    Thank you very much for you help isadora. I was starting to arrive at that solution because I could not find any way to add an additional page widget. Thanks for the clarification!

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