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    Hello lovely WordPress Support.

    I am using and Contempt theme.

    When I first set it up my pages widget listed links as a list (which is what I want) eg:

    About Me

    But now it’s wrapping them onto the same line eg:

    Main About Me Articles Posts

    I’m not sure if the wrapping started once I re-ordered pages, or after I added more pages. I tried removing the ordering but it didn’t make any difference.

    Is this a deliberate design feature of the theme or widget system? Or is it a bug?
    And any ideas or hacks to force links onto new lines?

    Thanks in advance.


    PS: My blog is just playing about whilst setting up a blog for my hubby – so my own content is currently nonsense. But if you need to see example in action



    Both your user name and the link you provided lead to protected blog warning the blog itself and your problem are not visible. Please send in a feedback and have staff address your problem.


    Just to say – in case anyone else has spotted the problem and is interested – I sent feedback and the tecky guys tell me it’s a bug and it will get fixed.



    Your blog template currently is Andreas 09 so I guess this means that you have changed it from Contempt and that the staff are tracking a bug on the Contempt theme.

    The pages you list above (Main, About Me, Articles, Posts) seem to have been changed to “home” and “links” pages only. The only thing one does with a “pages” widget it drag and drop it into the sidebar. However, I notice that you have made a “links” page as opposed to entering links into your blogroll -> dashboard – > blogroll and then dropping and dragging the “links” widget that displays those blogroll links into your sidebar. I’m wondering if you know that this was possible.



    Ok so I set up my blog intially with Contempt to try out some ideas for my hubbie’s blog. The bug was present when the wordpress guys had a look at it.

    My husbands blog is still using Contempt and still has the bug – he has multiple pages which are wrapping on the links on the page widget.

    Yes, I did know about the blogroll widget – thanks for the tip.

    I decided to keep my blogroll for links to other blogs (cuz that’s what a blogroll is isn’t it?) and set a seperate page up for other links to useful web sites etc.

    Is that bad etiquette… Totally new to blogging but know a bit about web technical doo dahs.



    Re: separate page for links and etiquette – heck no it’s your blog and the way it works best for you is the way to go :)



    Lovely? Have you seen pictures of Automattic staff? :)


    Loveliness is not just skin deep you know ;)

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