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  1. Hello

    Id like to know if there's anyway I can make the width bigger for the space that displays my posts. my posts are long and narrow.. after the margins that i like.. the space on the right is too much (please see under "recent posts" widget next to "thank you" there is soooo much space empty. im trying to get my posts to appear shorter now they are too long because the space allowed for them is very narrow. thanks a lot

    under top posts.. i have an image of a mask melting on a woman's face all colorful.. that image is out of place for some reason and only that one too. how can i fix that?

    please take your time. thanks!

  2. Are you talking about this site ? If so, add this to your custom CSS and then add the same amount to both width values. Example: 940 + 100 = 1040 and 620 + 100 = 720.

    Keep in mind that there are still a good number of people worldwide using 1024px wide monitor resolutions, and about the maximum width a maximized browser window has on those displays is 990px. If you make it wider, then people will have to scroll horizontally to see all that is in the sidebar when on a 1024px wide monitor.

    .col-full {
    width: 940px;
    #main {
    width: 620px;

    The sidebar is 300px wide, so you could theoretically take, say, 50px off the width of the sidebar and that would give you an extra 50px to play with on the #main width. If you do that, here would be my suggestion, which increases the content width by 150px total and overall width by 100px. At 1040px overall, it cuts off part of the date and a touch of the right end of the sidebar on a 1024px wide monitor.

    .col-full {
    width: 1040px;
    #main {
    width: 770px;
    #sidebar {
    width: 250px;

    If you do the above, make sure and in the "publish" module edit the content width and add 150 to the width so that full-sized images and videos will take advantage of that wider content area.

  3. thanks a lot!

    how can I get rid of the footer that says which theme I'm using? I've been trying to add some text as the footer using the text widget but I'd like it to display along the whole footer horizontally. Is there a code I can use for this?

  4. We are not allowed to get rid of the footer credits here at You can change the styling to make them a little less obvious, but you cannot go to far or it would be considered the same as hiding it, which we cannot do.

  5. thanks!

    im using a facebook page connected to my blog. i published a new post and it showed on fbook page but then i changed the title and it didnt update. so i removed the post from fbook and changed the blog to "draft" and republished but still not published again on fbook.

    what can i do?

  6. Use the FB sharing icon below the post to share it manually. FB will not pull in an update to a post it has already done.

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