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    I have two questions that I just seem to find responses on
    My guess is they are not possible to modify on Anyway, here they are:

    1-how can I make the page width a tad larger?
    2-can I have three columns on twenty-eleven?

    The page is

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello again,
    I played around with the codes showing here and was able to change the width of the page.

    Is that a way to push the whole secondary column further to the right?



    My guess is they are not possible to modify on

    Yes and no. You can use CSS to adjust the width of a theme. For some themes, this is much easier than for others. It depends on the original theme design.

    Regarding columns, you can’t really add in sidebars or change the function of what already appears on a page using CSS only. That said, sometimes you can push things around on a page to get a good final effect. It really depends on the theme and what you’re trying to add where.

    I did also notice that you have changed themes since posting your original questions in this topic. Since that’s the case, I’m going to close this thread and review the newer one you created.

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