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    I need to create a landing page for my new product. However I don’t want it to be a tab, I want it to be only accessible via a link or people who have the url. How would I achieve this? Thanks very much in advance.


    The blog I need help with is



    You may have a larger problem. does not enable ecommerce here, and while artists and designers and authors are welcome to blog here and sell their books, clothes and art, reselling, ie selling things you, yourself, do not make, is banned. Even if you make the product yourself in your own factory, it may not be allowed. Before you put too much effort into it, you should contact staff via your dashboard Help button and ask them for the all-clear.

    To create this page you’re talking about, you can make it a sub-page of an existing page, and then NOT have your pages widget show hierarchy.


    You can also exclude it from the top navigation by using a custom menu. With custom menus, you are in control of what pages, etc., show up in the top navigation and how they are arranged.

    Do check with staff first though as @raincoaster suggests. You might want to create the page and leave it as a draft so that staff has something to look at. That makes it easier for them.



    Even if staff gives the thumbs-down, you should be able to export it and just import it to an independently-hosted blog.


    I really appreciate the help. I should have been more clear. I’m going to be selling information books on cleaning the pool yourself which my understanding is ok? I’ll check with staff anyways. Thanks again!!!!



    As long as you wrote them yourself, that should be fine. they love hosting authors.

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