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Page Won't Appear

  1. caretakerofwes

    I'm pretty new to WordPress and I was fooling around with it today. (Sorry if I messed up how this should be posted) I started to create pages on my blog. Then I typed out a smaller page to go under it, but it won't appear. When I click on it under the recent activity list on the dashboard, it takes me to the page. Otherwise when I go to the parent page, it doesn't show and it's not a private blog. Here's the link to the blog:
    The parent page is Achievement Levels and the page under it should be "Levels One to Three"

    The blog I need help with is

  2. caretakerofwes

    The post under the parent post is pretty lengthy but I also tried just posting a short post with a few words and that won't show either. Is it because I just started this blog?

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