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    I’m having some trouble seperating some of my posts and pages the way I’d like to. Essentially, what i’m trying to do is create a second home page for a handful of posts. I’d like new posts of a certain category and variety to show up on this second page in addition to the home page.

    Just to try to help clarify: The blog is sort of a travel/work blog and the home page is just stories from my travels. What i’m trying to create is a seperate page that includes descriptions of the places i go as go there. However i don’t want these descriptions to be just a 50 page-long page in the main menu, i’d still like to able to link each “post” within this secondary page. Hope that makes sense, and i hope you kind and intelligent people can help me.


    The blog I need help with is


    What you want to do is use categories. For the posts you want to show up on what you call a “second home page” you assign a separate category to each of those posts. You then use a custom menu and put that category into the top navigation as a tab. Then when people click on that tab, they will see only posts from that particular category.


    Excellent. Got it working. Thanks for your help, and for the link. I poured through the support pages and somehow managed to miss it. Thanks a lot.


    You are welcome.

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