PageRank of 0 after 4 months?

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    When I first started my blog obviously it had a Google PR0, I checked it again after a while and it was still 0 but then I kinda forgot about it expecting it to update in a few weeks.

    Anyway I just checked it again today after 4 months and it is still 0, now I dont have the most popular blog but from my experience in running other (less successful) sites it is trivial to get a PR of 3 or 4 as soon as google gets to know about you…

    I am not sure why but Google isnt picking up ANY incoming links to my blog:

    Whereas the google blog search shows over 50:

    and Technorati shows 150 links (from 103 sites)

    Checking down the wordpress botd list, every site on there that I checked has some sort of PR… What am I doing wrong?

    Any ideas?




    Just to add, it isnt like the main google index doesnt know about my site because it turns up in all sorts of searches (



    Here’s a site I follow. Per that, we’ve not had a Page Rank update in over three months. We just had an update recently but it appears to have had issues. (Called a “broken update” in SEO terms and we’ve had a number of them recently.) My sites didn’t get updated either.

    The public output of Google doesn’t display links until you have a Public Page Rank. For example:

    My current Blog which still has a PR of 0.
    My old blog which is now my test blog which still has a PR5 attached to it.

    Google Blog Search is entirely different and seperate from the normal Google datacenters. It just reads RSS feeds.



    Oh well, its amazing that googles results are still good if they only update their PR indexes every 4+ months, a lot changes in 4 months on the internet.


    I don’t have a rating either, but I am getting people coming and commenting.. so it doesn’t bother me that much.

    I am number one with a google search if you just type in ‘living journey’ and number one with yahoo and I think around third with msn.. So I figure that I must be doing something right.

    Just keep linking to other people posts as well as your own and blog away!




    Google blog search has found my post from yesterday but not the one posted 5 minutes ago; normal Google found one from 2 days back; and after 4 months Google finally found my pages ( I didn’t make it easy for them)[MSN is faster]. It isn’t hard to have post titles or user name come up number one. I got my first comment today; and I sometimes get hits in double figures. Page rank isnt really on my agenda. I’d better go and find what I was looking for: How to link to someones category (not one particular post, nor the whole blog).



    Just focus on building your site. It will drive you nuts if you focus on this. And Google is slow when it comes to that. Last I checked I still have the same exact number of Google links. MSN is the best because their spiders work quicker I guess.



    My old Daria fan site had the number one listing for “Living assistance” at one time because someone had written a fanfiction with that title. Must have gotten a hundred hits a day on that alone. Needless to say, those visitors didn’t hang around much after that. :(

    Currently have the number 4 listing for what would you do for a klondike without trying. :)

    One of the last updates (Big Daddy I think they called it) is being said to have issues within the SEO community. A lot of websites still don’t have public page ranks but they do have internal ones. It also seems like Google is trying to get away from using Page Ranks to determine listings.



    > Just focus on building your site. It will
    > drive you nuts if you focus on this.

    Absolutely, thats why I left it 4+ months before checking again :) I think its ok to check every 4 months without being driven mad :)



    I was doing it everyday but I get asked nearly everyday if I know when the next one will occur.

    I do note though that my main blog still doesn’t display any inbound links with Google so something must still be pending.

    Either that or they’ve labeled me a spam site. *sigh* Wouldn’t be the first time. :(



    Why did they label you a spam site? Blogger labeled me a spam site and destroyed my Blogger blog but weeks later sent me an email saying “sorry”. Yeah right.



    forestneeds- are you sure you have covered all the possible category “tags” people might used to find you “like a blanket”.
    Some tags might be the names of the species of trees (both common and scientific) – related common phrases like cut blocks – forest rejuvenation – natural regeneration – sustainble forestry resources – forest management – forestry innovation – land management – zoning yada, yada
    By going to the forestry company websites you can find their propaganda and isolate the “key words” of the day. Just a thought – for what it’s worth. :)

    Edit: The importance of using a broad array of category tags cannot be minimized. If one is looking to connect the likelihood of doing so is raised by the number of connection ports (ie. tags) we create. IMO most people do not really spend enough time and effort on creating tags … hmmm … me included … off to do.



    I found a neat tool yesterday that will display all of your link’s PRs on them. Might be of help for those looking at what tag categories you are using.

    Do remember that all those pages in the Tag listings also link back to your own site. :)



    That is an interesting tool! Guess I know what tags to use from now on :)



    “Oh well, its amazing that googles results are still good if they only update their PR indexes every 4+ months, a lot changes in 4 months on the internet”

    Yes but don’t confuse PR updates with site updates. My site is crawled and re-indexed every couple of days looking for new content by googlebot. New content is picked up and indexed regardless of their PR updates. Add pages and check to see if the pages are indexed, that will show you that you are being crawled.



    Agreed, and please remember that Google now does Page Ranks internally and in real time. They just only release that number to the public every so often. :)


    Hey you know I am going to sound like a hypocrite now… but I have just checked out my page rank.. and I do rank now…I am 6

    Just wanted to share, incase this doesn’t last!




    Looks like they fixed what ever the issue was: – PR4 on 2 links – PR5 on 25 links(That’s surprising since the links are pretty much gone) – PR0 with zero links(It’s too new.)

    Now this is strange: – PR5 on 3 links and a robot.txt file that doesn’t allow indexing.

    Gotta admit that I’m surprised that only got a PR4. Has a large number of number 1 results for certain terms above higher ranked sites. Maybe that’s an example of how Google is moving away from Page Rank. *shrug*

    You can check your Google Page Ranks here and your inbound links here.

    If anyone is stuck, please just list your blog(s) and I’m sure someone can do it for you. :)



    Going back to the original question: now has a PR7. Must be nice…. :)



    Can anyone explain: How does a blog with no links From/in-coming links, no comments, no spam and no pictures get a PR? Blog has outgoing links and long-content, but not even twenty posts. Though not posting much, I’ve been checking it for two weeks (in-between dealing with a car fire), and yup, I’m happy, sorta, but mystified: Name of the blog shows up seventh on the first page of 83,000 results for the name. Geeze Lueeze, the thing is only a few weeks old yet: PR is 5. –It’s higher than a record company with same name??? How is this possible? It gets traffic, every day, but not amount I’d care to share. (If it matters: my passion is politics, media, so far; I revel in afflicting the comfortable. Both are heavily-covered topics, so adds to the mystery.)

    I have another blog of nearly 100 long-content posts, comments, quality links –out and a few in, gets spidered/cached regularly; I post on others’ blogs, yet after nearly 3/4 of a year: PR 1. I’m not complaining, I was Thrilled to get Ranked at all and under a year. After all the work of first blog, any ideas how it happened for the second one? Is it a mistake? Will it disappear? If I get a link IN: will it go to PR 6? (!) Will five quality in-coming links get me a PR Ten? (lol) If so: I’m offering a buck a link, cash money! Anyone care to link me up?


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