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Pagerank stats

  1. On blog stats, it would be quite cool to have your pagerank displayed.

  2. You can get a Google PageRank indicator for your site from It doesn't require any script code. It's just an image that you can add to your sidebar like a chicklet. The link is below:

  3. PRLookup is another one.

  4. Yes but I was thinking about having it in the blog stats (in administration).

  5. We're computer geeks though. If you know about Google PR, and understand what it means, then you're going to want to brag about it. :)

    (I see your point though.)

  6. Found another one that I wanted to mention. :)

  7. I ping with Blog Flux. But when I use to check pagerank there, it always said 0. I checked now and the pagerank is right this time.

  8. My page rank is always a zero. Sure don't want to post that on my site. :)

  9. I heard the pagerank updates every 3-4 months. Check again in a couple more months.

  10. Too soon for an update

    Shirley, I wouldn't worry about it. MSN is showing a very large number of inbound links to your site and it looks like Google has you well indexed as well.

    Hope this helps,

  11. Thanks for the encouraging word...really not too worried--I'm having so much fun!



  12. Yes, she does. Thanks for noticing.

  13. Just wondering if these widgets are allowed in wordpress. I read about another blogger who was sent a notice of termination for placing ads on his blog.

  14. Ads that you are getting paid for aren't allowed, sidebar clutter is.

    Rule of thumb if something can be used:

    - can't use embedded flash, javascript, forms, or iframes
    - can use images, static html code (code that doesn't change)

    So you can use site meters, google pagerankers, etc where all they do is display an image on your blog.

  15. I don't know what's wrong with Blogflux lately, I am just getting a PR of 0 when all the others are giving me a 3. I think there is something wrong.. anyone know of another one which has a chicklet like Blogflux does?
    My site is [removed - Mark]


  16. @lengoo
    I'm confused and wondering exactly what motive did you have when you posted to this forum. The blog linked to your name is NOT a blog. Your pagerank at BloogFlux has no association whatsoever with thw mileu. Even the name of your blog conflicts with the fact that bloggers with free hosted blogs cannot advertise on their blogs and make money from them.

    I think you are barking up the wrong tree. If have downloaded free software from then know that we do not run on the same software at wordpress. com and we cannot help you. The correct forum for self hosted bloggers is here

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