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  1. I have the pages as tabs on the top of my site. But I'm starting to have too many pages and the top will soon run out of space. If I add more pages, would a second row show up? But I thought of now using the page widget on my sidebar so this way I can have as many and not worry about running out of space. But can the tabs on top of my site disappear while I just have the pages on the widget on my sidebar?

  2. What theme are you using nosy? I can try it out in my test blog and see what happens for you.

  3. I changed it after finding this one with two sidebars that I never knew:

    Andreas09 by Andreas Viklund and Ainslie Johnson

    WP-Andreas09 theme for WordPress based on the open source template, andreas09 by Andreas Viklund - Ported to WordPress by Ainslie Johnson.

  4. I don't have to test this because I know this theme. I used to use it. Yes you will just get a second row of page tabs on top and then a third row, etc. It used to become very messy but the theme has had a recent upgrade and looks cleaner now.
    I think this theme looks really good with your content and you've made really effective use of the two sidebars. Is there any way you could make the page titles shorter?

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