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    hi ,

    two things – right now on my blog there are two home pages – how do i get rid of the extra one?
    second thing – this happened while i was trying to change from Misty theme to Ocean Mist theme – my blog now has 3 pages, Ocean came up with only two, neither with posts as a ‘home’ page. i’d still like to change it – can anyone point me in the right direction? thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    I see only one “home” tab in the navigation on this site: .

    The site linked to your username is using twenty ten. We need a link to the site that you are talking about.



    its at: http://

    thank you!



    For the convenience of other volunteers, let’s remove the space to make that address clickable…

    This being said, to answer both questions, here’s a question:
    Your second “Home” page is empty. Why did you create it in the first place? What are you trying to do?



    I was trying to switch themes. that didn’t work so I tried to switch back and ended up with an extra home page. it isn’t listed under my Pages
    thank you!



    Some themes have “Home” page tabs coded into them. They are not actual pages; they are only tabs. They cannot be editied or deleted. What you need to do is create a custom menu.




    I have a page ( and i cant find how to get different drop down menus etc…

    I uploaded a post/pic in one of the pages, but it is showing in ALL menu/pages…. When obviously i want them all to be different….

    Please help, going crazy lol


    a) You create dropdowns by turning some pages into child pages – see here:
    Or by creating and activating a custom menu – see here:

    b) I guess you mean the header image. If so, see here:
    If not, point to the page/image in question.

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