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    It is my understanding that “Pages” can have comments if the “Comments” check box is checked. I have created pages with the check box checked and the pages are rendered without a comment. What am I missing.



    Some themes don’t support the use of comments within Pages.

    Is this for a blog? You’ve been asked this three times now. I see that you link to a blog but you keep talking about blogs hosted elsewhere.



    The blog linked to your username called New Ipswich Conservation Commission has comments on pages. I just left test comments without any difficulty at all. This is the link to theme reviews pertaining only to themes that include feature reviews and known bugs

    If you also have downloaded a free blog template from be aware that the software is different from ours and this is where you go for support
    If that is the case then the pink sticky “please read me first before posting to the forum” at the head of this forum describes the differences between and features and services.

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