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  1. On my page I am currently creating, we cannot get rid of the pages bar.

    We don't want this on there, and have been trying to remove it since 4am Tuesday morning.

    No-one seems to be able to help.

    Our webpage is a mess at the moment, as we've been going through pages and pages of themes trying to get one where we can do what we want. There isn't one, there's always a niggle...

    Any way of over riding the whole thing with html?

    Thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you refer to menu bar on top or the side bars?

  3. @mudradio
    I can see you are CSS editing the theme and I'm flagging this thread so it's moved to the correct forum for you. There another Volunteer with CSS expertise or Staff will help you.

  4. Assuming you mean the top nav menu (the black bar below the header image):

    Go to Appearance>Menus, click the cross to create a menu, give it a name (say, "Blank Menu"), don't add anything to it, click Save Menu, select that menu from the pulldown in the Theme Locations module, click Save.

  5. Thanks, I just need to either get rid of it, or find out how to change "Home" to "Radio"

    I am planning on slotting 5/6 blogs together and there is a normal html website that is our "Home". I can't have that button there.

    Will this thread be moved to the correct forum or will I have to re-post? If so, what forum do you suggest?

    And lifenbits... the menu bar on top.

    : )

  6. @@mudradio
    If I am wrong and you have not paid for the the custom design upgrade then do know that you cannot remove or hide the horizontal menu bar without it.

  7. Pagan, I can't find Theme Locations. If this works I owe you a kiss.

  8. Just done it!

    Awesome work Pagan!!!!!!
    Thanks :)

  9. @mudradio
    Sorry I misunderstood you and happy to hear that Panos did understand what you meant. I thought what you meant is that you wanted to eliminate the black horizontal menu bar altogether. But what you wanted was to create a custom menu. Happy blogging.:).

  10. Thanks... no worries, I'm not too good at getting points across.
    Thank god it's not me actually blogging on this haha.

  11. @mudradio: You're welcome - although you changed your mind!

    @TT: That's what mudradio originally asked for, and it is possible - the way I suggested in my reply above.

  12. Yes I have noted this now.

  13. Yes you can remove the black nav. bar at the top as mudradio suggested and if you like create a new vertical menu in the right hand column as I have done on my site without purchasing any upgrade. Lots of luck, I am still learning too.

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