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    There are a few different pages on my blog, and I would like to be able to make posts that will show up only on a specific page. The only way so far I can figure out how to get content on a specific page is to write it directly into that page, whenever I go to the create post page, there seems to be no way I can have the post appear on a different page, other than home. Is there some way to do this?



    If you use the ‘more’ button within your post, it will place what’s before the more tag on the home page and whatever is after it on the post page.

    Hope this helps,



    So there isn’t any confusion:

    A “post” is what is written and is displayed on your front or index page. As drmike notees placing a “more tag” in a post will produce a display on the index page of only what is before the tag. Clicking the “more link” will take you to the “post page,” or also called the comment page or individual archive page.

    A “Page” (note the capitalization) is a separate animal and lives outside the normal posting process. On your Twisted Press site your Pages are listed in the navbar under your heading.

    If you want specific content on user defined Pages just create a new Pge with that content.

    BUT… with the current theme you are using as you add more Pages they will automatically be added to your navbar. At some point very shortly the navbar will be wider than the page is designed to be and will break the format of the theme.

    I suspect, and without actually trying it, your navbar would probably become a row of two links vice one.

    That’s not a “bad thing” per se. Personally I think double row navbars look like crapola… but that’s just me.



    Hmm… Thanks, I think that helps.

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