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    I have numbered my pages so they aren’t in alphabetical order. When I go to my dashboard under pages, they are in the correct order and at the top of my header they are in the correct order. But at the right side of my blog page, they are still in alphabetical order. How can I fix this?

    I have numbered them 10, 20, 30 , 40 so I could add more in later. Should I just number them 1,2,3,4?

    The blog I need help with is



    For what it’s worth, I tried numbering 1,2,3,4 and it didn’t change anything.


    Go to appearances > widgets and click on the edit button on the pages widget. In the “sort by” pulldown, select “page order” then click “done” and then click “save changes” and it should now sort by your defined page order.



    woo hoo! thanks sacredpath, i knew there some little tid-bit I was missing :-)


    You’re very welcome.

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