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Pages Dilemma

  1. I'm tidying up my blog and have added an archives Page and a links Page using the default templates for andreas 09. They work fine but at the top each one has an H1 header that says "Dilemma". this is not the header I have saved (going with the complicated "links" and "archives") I have tried writing different headers, the links to the pages are right - just not the header itself. any thoughts?


  2. I just did a test Page and it worked for me. Without seeing your admin side, there's little we can help with here in the forums. Best bet would be to submit a feedback from your Dashboard with a link to this thread so staff sees that've we've discussed the issue.

    Quick aside: You do know that the Andreas 09 theme has templates for Archives and Links, right? I'd hate to see you going through all the trouble of manually creating these pages when it's done automatically.

    Good luck,

  3. Thanks for that.. I think it may be a quirk of the template actually because now it says "Yipes!" as the title - either that or it is randomly using post headers (both of these are titles I have used in the past)

    I am using the templates (I got most excited when I saw them!). I've created a new page as applied the template and left everything blank, and I have also tried creating a new header with no success. Is it something that can be seen by other users? (it should say archives or links) or is it a weird caching problem on my side?

  4. I just visited your site (nice artwork) and I see "yipes!" on both the Archive and Links pages.

    I will echo drmike and suggest feedback.

  5. I actually scratching my head over this one as well.

  6. Thanks guys, I will submit it as a support ticket. thanks for all your help :)

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