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    I have a strange problem with a few of my pages.
    It happened a few days ago and now it happened again.
    I’ve create a page and it showed well for a few hours. Now when I want to go to that page it shows a different content from another page.
    I am using WordPress 2.0.5 and the Gengo plugin for multiple languages. I think this has something to do with my problem because the page that has disappeared it was written in Italian and the content that I can see now on the page its in English from a page that Ive create after.
    Could you guys help me with this please?
    If you need additional information please let me know.
    Thank you!



    You might want to check out the very first thread on this page, in the pink section. We at are running different software than you are, but it might help.

    If that doesn’t solve the problem, you will probably want to ask in’s forums, as someone there will be running the same version of software and might be able to help you.

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