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pages disappeared

  1. i made some pages sub pages to 1 parent page and then they disappeared, not shone on the blog anymore... anyone knows how to fix this ??


    The blog I need help with is

  2. They're still there - just not linked from the tabs at the top of your blog.

    Add a Pages link to your sidebar. That will link to all of your pages.

    (edit: sorry, I meant to say add a Pages Widget to your sidebar)

  3. thanks for the comment, how do i add a pages link ? i can't find that option anywhere

  4. You need the pages widget. Here are the instructions:

  5. o.k now i can see them on the bottom of the blog. is there a way to make them appear as a menu when i hover over the parent page ?

  6. does anyone have a solution for this ? how do i make it apparent for a visitor to my blog that a parent page has sub pages to it , if when he stand with his mouse over the parent page nothing appears ?

  7. marikg, that's the way this theme is designed, with the sidebar at the bottom. There are other themes that put them at the side, or handle child pages in slightly different ways.

  8. i see.. the Inove theme can do what i wanted.. now i just need to learn a bit of css to change the looks


  9. Well, there is one thing that keeps me from using the iNove theme: page templates show dates as if they were posts and that looks really unprofessional. I am in love with the dropdown menu though.

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