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pages don't show up

  1. hi there my page is and i created 2 new pages and they were displayed for a bit but when i went to edit one they both disappeared and no longer show up. Could somebody please help me to figure out how i can get them to display.
    thanks michelle

    The blog I need help with is

  2. YES I am having the very same issue. It's annoying.

  3. Half the time the page is listed; half the time it's not and vanishes.

    Seriously. WTH?

  4. hey jenssims i can see all your pages including the last one you posted saying it wasn't showing up, maybe the glitch is that we the admin can't see them

  5. Hi dulzurasbyme, well it does show up sometimes, but whenever I change pages or refresh, it usually vanishes again. It's gone right now.

    I have no idea what's going on with this.

    Also, I cleared my cache (that's the first thing they usually tell you to do) and it didn't help. It's still not there... I'm sure it'll reappear again soon.


  6. Sorry I keep making new posts... there doesn't seem to be any way to edit an existing one. Anyhow I can also see your new posts, I think, the ones about a baby shower cake? And the Steelers? Are yours disappearing randomly too? And appearing again?

  7. This is a bug that was happening the other day, I'll see if I can find the thread. It seems when you first publish a post, it comes up with a numerical URL like instead of a proper URL. Then, if you edit it, it comes up properly. Try editing the posts, making any change at all and then hitting Update.

  8. Sorry again for another post. Just wanted to say I also brought up my blog on a different browser... same issue, and I wasn't signed in that time. So I don't think the visitors can see it either.


    We cannot be the only ones with this issue.

  9. raincoaster: thank you. I do notice it appearing when I edit the post. However it disappears again later whenever I refresh or go to a different page.

    I'll try it again anyway. Thank you.

  10. jenssims, yes those are my new posts i can see those they don't disappear on me it's just the new pages that do, it's frustrating.

    i hope somebody can help.

    raincoaster: is there a thread for pages not posts cus i do edit my pages and update but it still doesn't show up

  11. Good to know we aren't the only ones then.

    Wonder if WP plans a fix?

  12. let's hope so cus i would really like people to be able to see it all lol

  13. Having the same problem over here too, thanks for the posting. This applies only to PAGES for me.

    I've changed my 'Latest News' widget on the side (made some drafts, changed the order etc) and while it appears as I want it for a while, it reverts back to the old version the next time I go back to me website.

    I've tried updating the post and re-publishing it but this isn't fixing it at this stage.

    My site is:

  14. Ah, OK the new pages. Of course.

    Yes it's frustrating. Raincoaster mentioned a temp fix for it. Hopefully WP will do a perma fix, though.

    I assume raincoaster meant 'pages' but not sure. However I have noticed if I try to edit the page and update, it WILL show up for a little while.


  15. even if i edit it and update it doesn't show for me

  16. dulzurasbyme: lol I hear ya. XD I hate working on a page just for it not to show up... *facepalm*

    boostew: yeah so far it only seems to affect pages. It's weird.

    Since apparently the issue began the other day, I'm really hoping that WP is working on a fix. >.<

  17. so does WP check these questions/forums?

  18. I just tried mine; I edited and updated, and when I pressed 'view' to view the page, it does show up for me. But it did before too, and then disappeared later. *sigh*

    Not sure why yours won't show up at all, though.

  19. I hope so too!

    I've referred everyone to my blog, with another link to a new article I just had published and would like people to read! V annoying as anyone who's found the piece on the main news site will see the blog not quite as I'd like.

    Just wondering if that link to that specific page (that's not showing up in my 'News' widget) will still be working for people?

  20. lol not sure if they check or if they do, how often. I usually either wait for the problem to resolve, post on here, or email support directly.


    I'm afraid if I email support though, they'll just say to clear the cache. I've already tried that. They need to FIX it.

  21. i think i'll give it a try to email support. :s

  22. This thread is already flagged for support attention. Email is slower than that.

  23. ok thanks... and clearing cache def. doesn't do anything!

  24. Have the same issues at

  25. jillianjaydehastings

    Glad I'm not going crazy. In the short term, I just added a new blog post to my main page introducing my 2 pages that are there and then gone, with links to those pages, which work fine. Obviously, as more gets published, that particular posting will disappear off the main screen, but hopefully it will be fixed by then.

    Do any of you have the pages widget on your sidebar, also? Because my new pages aren't showing up there either, even though they are listed when I go into the widget settings. It must all be connected.

  26. simplylovely28

    Im having the same issue on my page as well!

    I just started my blog and have 3 pages: about me, contact me and Blog: Why fashion and the only page the seems to stay is the about me page, the other 2 constantly disappear. They are there one minute and aren't the next, if you guys found a solution please let me know.

  27. Hey, I just wanted to say that my sites seem to be fixed. I haven't had the issue since late last night/early in the morning.

    *knock on wood*

    Hope everyone else's gets fixed too. Mine stayed 'fixed' after I updated the page for the last time.

  28. I'm having the same thing happen! Posts are fine; pages keep disappearing! I tried viewing my site from a different browser on which I wasn't logged in to WP (to see if it was just something funky that I wasn't seeing as an admin?) but the pages disappeared there too.

    They'll come back for a little bit if I copy a page and then delete the copy, but next time I go in the pages are gone again. Not sure what that's all about. As a brand new WP member, it's discouraging! Welcome to WordPress, sorry it doesn't work! Hopefully they'll de-bug it soon!

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