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    I hope so too!

    I’ve referred everyone to my blog, with another link to a new article I just had published and would like people to read! V annoying as anyone who’s found the piece on the main news site will see the blog not quite as I’d like.

    Just wondering if that link to that specific page (that’s not showing up in my ‘News’ widget) will still be working for people?



    lol not sure if they check or if they do, how often. I usually either wait for the problem to resolve, post on here, or email support directly.


    I’m afraid if I email support though, they’ll just say to clear the cache. I’ve already tried that. They need to FIX it.



    i think i’ll give it a try to email support. :s



    This thread is already flagged for support attention. Email is slower than that.



    ok thanks… and clearing cache def. doesn’t do anything!



    Have the same issues at


    Glad I’m not going crazy. In the short term, I just added a new blog post to my main page introducing my 2 pages that are there and then gone, with links to those pages, which work fine. Obviously, as more gets published, that particular posting will disappear off the main screen, but hopefully it will be fixed by then.

    Do any of you have the pages widget on your sidebar, also? Because my new pages aren’t showing up there either, even though they are listed when I go into the widget settings. It must all be connected.


    Im having the same issue on my page as well!

    I just started my blog and have 3 pages: about me, contact me and Blog: Why fashion and the only page the seems to stay is the about me page, the other 2 constantly disappear. They are there one minute and aren’t the next, if you guys found a solution please let me know.



    Hey, I just wanted to say that my sites seem to be fixed. I haven’t had the issue since late last night/early in the morning.

    *knock on wood*

    Hope everyone else’s gets fixed too. Mine stayed ‘fixed’ after I updated the page for the last time.



    I’m having the same thing happen! Posts are fine; pages keep disappearing! I tried viewing my site from a different browser on which I wasn’t logged in to WP (to see if it was just something funky that I wasn’t seeing as an admin?) but the pages disappeared there too.

    They’ll come back for a little bit if I copy a page and then delete the copy, but next time I go in the pages are gone again. Not sure what that’s all about. As a brand new WP member, it’s discouraging! Welcome to WordPress, sorry it doesn’t work! Hopefully they’ll de-bug it soon!



    Hi all,

    If any one you still have this issue, could you please do the following:

    1) don’t change your menu or your theme until we have a chance to look at your site, if possible
    2) don’t create a new page or post either, if possible
    3) please upload a screenshot of what you see to your media libary (Making a screenshot)
    4) tell me which page it is that is not appearing in your menu as expected

    Thank you!



    my new page “Books for sale” is not showing–or rather appears and disappears–and page order changes also! screenshot uploaded to media library


    Thank you. OK I have not changed anything since your message, as requested.

    I’m afraid I don’t know how to make a screenshot (was that meant to be a link in your question 3? Wasn’t linking.) Anyway, the 2 child pages which show up sometimes, and at other times do not are ones which should show up as a drop down when you hover your mouse over “My Case Reviews and Published Articles”, and are:

    1. Article – Kirby v Centro Properties Limited (No 2) [2012] FCA 70 – Legal Professional Privilege, and
    2. Article – High Court on GST in Qantas – What it may mean for Liquidators and other external administrators.

    My blog is at:

    One minute ago they were back again. Just now, they’ve disappeared again….Man!

    If you can help me – thanks so much!




    Hi is the blog. I added a new page called Register of Memorial Plantings and it isn’t showing up in my list of pages on the home page. Everything looks normal in the Pages section of the dashboard but it just doesn’t appear.

    The experience was very bizarre. I check updates under Chrome and IE and the new page appeared in Chrome but not IE. Now the page isn’t showing up under Chrome either.

    Please let me know if you need further info for diagnosis. The link for the page that isn’t appearing is:




    My laptop wont let me take a screen shot. And at the moment the pages that I have trouble with (2013 Goals and Bucket List) are there.



    (Orginally posted at but was asked to come here. Unfortunately, I am not able to take a screenshot from this computer.)

    In the original forum, I asked:

    “I am having a similar problem. When I add a custom link to an outside blog to the menu, then save it to the menu, the link does not show up in the menu bar. I am following the directions at

    The website is The blog I need to link to is, and link that should appear on the menu bar is called “Sermons and Meditations.”

    My apologies for posting in two places and for being unable to take a screenshot.



    I believe I am having the same issue. At first I thought it was because of my theme, however after changing theme it was still occuring. I then tested it in multiple browsers, but to no avail.

    I have attached the screenshots you have asked for @richardmtl. Let me know if there is any other information to provide you.

    Thanks in advance,



    I am having the same problem, as well. However, this problem is only for one page, not all of them. This one page and its subpages appear and disappear, no matter if I change browsers, and I have tried all the major ones, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.

    Unfortunately, I am not able to take a screenshot at the moment.


    hello! I’m having this same problem too. Just uploaded the requested screen shot to my media library. my site is

    There should be four menus at the top: Home, Who am I?, My Music, Feed Me! and right now there are only two. they keep appearing and disappearing.



    Hi, I’m having the same issue as well.
    I’m meant to have another page called ‘Book Reviews’ but it keeps disappearing! I’ve uploaded the screen shot to my media library.
    My blog is:
    Many thanks.

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