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    TIA for any help – I’m at a loss. Spent all day on this and have just trashed everything. I’m trying to make my blog a mini web-site with a page dedicated to thumbnails of each type of art I create. It’s for potential clients to get a peek at my work. So I’d do a page with pics of all my beaded work, clay, etc. I’m creating pages within a parent page and just inserting images. They are linked to the page and show up in the library. But it looks TERRIBLE – thus my post. Is there a better way? Widget? 3rd party app (that’s not uber expensive?). Thank you again.

    The blog I need help with is



    If I look at the page it seems to be displaying the thumbnail images correctly. Perhaps if you let us know why you think it is looking terrible and a bit more about how you want it to look we could begin to provide alternatives.


    Hi All,
    I’m new to wordpress, just having converted from the hateful blogger last week and am still feeling my way around.

    It’s a little bit off-topic, but in a typical post, how many pics/thumbnails should one have? A fellow-blogger warned me to “really edit” as a lot of fashion blogger followers are accessing blogs on their iphones and berries.
    Does anyone have any guidelines to suggest?
    Thx for any input.
    Vivian Kelly

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