Page's gallery no longer accessible in "Visual" view

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    Hi folks..
    I’ve actually had this issue for a little over a month, but haven’t taken the time to bring it here, until now.

    I have a page on my site which contains a gallery I regularly add to (weekly, for a web-comic I do), but the gallery widget placeholder that displayed when I edit the page in Visual is no longer there. The gallery still exists in the Text view, but I obviously can’t access the gallery by clicking on that, as I was able to before in the Visual view. I tried adding another gallery, as a test, and I still have the same issue.. so it shouldn’t be about just re-making the gallery anew.

    My question boils down to this: If this is just how things are on WordPress, now, how can I easily access my already-established gallery?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve been having the same issue.



    Stop dredging up old threads and posting into them please. I answered you here


    lildeweb may be in the wrong place, but I’m thankful to have come across the answer that I still hadn’t found on my own :) I wouldn’t have guessed something as simple as cache-clearing to be the fix.. thanks for the indirect help, timethief :)



    Wow, timethief, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that replying to a post from a week ago was considered “dredging up an old thread.” I was simply searching the web for an answer. No need to get nasty here.

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