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Pages grouped together in folder but not in Header

  1. I now use Chateau (but I am loving the latest theme (NISHITA) that just came out).

    Question: I am getting articles from someone and have made a widget in my sidebar for his article. However, I would like to have his picture link to a folder that has all of his soon to be articles, so that people can browse through all that he has written.

    As it is, if a person clicks onto his picture, they will be taken to one post -- the latest post -- but they won't be able to read any of his other articles.

    I do not want to put his Pages in the Header Menu. I want to put it in the regular Pages that are at the bottom of my blog. Is it possible to do that? How do I do it so that clicking on his picture will take the reader to the most recent article, with all his other articles below it to select from???


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The Author widget does that, but it lists ALL the authors on the blog. You can make a text widget with whatever image you want and link it to his posts, just by clicking on his name on a post. That'll bring up all the posts with his name on it. Put that in as a link, and put in whatever image you want.

  3. Raincoaster,
    So far, he is the only author on my blog. I wasn't even aware of an Author widget.

    I have already made an Image widget. I put his picture on it. So far it links to his one article, but when he send more articles, are you saying that clicking onto that Image widget will bring up all of his soon to be articles?

    And is it wrong to use the Image widget? Should I re-do it and use his face in a Text widget?

    What is the difference between a Text widget and an Image widget???


  4. If he only has one post, and he is the only author, then it is all functioning as you want. Have him make more posts and see if it works.

  5. Raincoaster, I am assuming that you mean that my using the Image widget is going to work fine for grabbing all of that one author's posts. I hope.

    OK. As it is, he sends me his text and I post it into my blog as a post (rather than as a page). So I will try to do it the way you explained and hope that clicking onto his picture in the sidebar will bring up all his posts for people to read.

    Thanks. I am not going to even try to use that Author widget. I looked for one in my Chateau theme and see that it does have one/Author widget.


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