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    Hello, I just started using wordpress to create my website. Im trying to add videos , text, and a contact form on my home page. Is there anyway to put this on there without being a post. Everything I put shows it being a post. Also every page in my site has a comment box at the bottom. How could I remove that to have a specific page for a blog.



    Hello and welcome
    When you create/modify a page, at the bottom you can click to allow comments or disable them for this specific page.
    WordPress being designed for blogs, there is one specific page for posts, not necessary the homepage. You should be able tho change it in Appearence> Theme options.



    Sorry it is not in Theme options but in Reading settings. at the bottom of the sidebar in your dashboard where you can choose your homepage.


    You can create static pages just as you would a post. Go to pages > add new and there you can create pages: .

    You should, if you are not familiar with the differences, read through this: .

    You can also set up a contact form page easily: . Make sure and turn comments off for the contact page, and do not copy and paste the code, write it in, and write it in in the HTML tab in the editor. That is the most fool-proof way.

    You can also, if you wish, set a static front page for your site if you do not want a posts page: .



    Hi. I discovered that all my pages run so wide when viewed on web that they go off the screen. My posts are fine & the sidebar seems to keep them so. There is no longer a sidebar on the pages. How can I fix the width of the pages?

    Thank you!



    I’m seeing the pages just fine: they are indeed significantly wider than the blog posts, but all the text shows up. What is your screen resolution? Have you seen this on other computers?

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