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    Hi, I’m adding new pages to my site but they are not appearing in the menu bar top right, what am I missing?

    I’m using a template called The Columnist.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Your blog front displays a “Not Found” message, probably because you had set it to display a static page and then you trashed that page. Go to Settings > Reading, set your blog front to display your latest posts, scroll down and click Save Changes.
    (This sounds as if I’m not answering your question at all, but actually I am – try what I suggested and you’ll see.)



    Thank you, that’s worked! Do you know how to remove the little ‘widget’ things like Archive etc? They aren’t listed on the widgets page to remove them.



    As soon as you go here > Appearance > Widgets and select widgets you wish to use one at a time, click to open the widget, configure, click save click close the choice you make will override the default sidebar display that does not contain any actual widgets.



    You’re welcome.
    But what “worked”? In the meantime you changed theme instead of doing what I suggested. I wouldn’t have given the same answer if you had asked me while using Oxygen, because the two themes don’t work the same way.

    As for the widgets, and assuming you’re talking about Oxygen now:
    If you mean you want no sidebars at all on your static pages, you need to edit the pages and select the “Full width” template.
    If you mean you want different widgets in the sidebars, the default ones disappear as soon as you add your own. See this post of mine for more details:

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