Pages not showing up in menu, no custom menu been created, others r having prob

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    We publish a page, then a link to the page doesn’t show up in the page menu, even though you can get to the page by going directly to the URL.

    For example, see our site at On the left column, you will see 2 or 3 links to pages (depending on how wordpress feels). You will not see a link to even though that page does exist on our site.

    We have not created any custom menus. We have not changed any “Pages” widgets.

    We are using Suburbia theme. We have tried other themes, and some of them have this problem and some do not.

    Example: We have another wordpress site,, on which this is not happening. We tried adding pages to that one and it works the way it should.

    On the site, sometimes our pages will display on the left column, and then they will disappear upon a refresh.

    This subject has been brought up several times today, but people are either saying it’s fixed itself or are basically not updating their threads. It is not fixing itself for us.

    This seems to be a new bug in many themes. Never encountered this bug before today.

    Please help.

    The blog I need help with is



    I see the link in your menu to the page you mention here, as well as links to quite a few test pages. The problem may be that your browser is pulling up a previous, cached version of the site when you refresh the page. Try clearing your browser’s cache and see if that resolves the problem:

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