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    I’ll try and explain this the best I can:
    I’ve just started this blog: Here’s the problem: if you go on the ‘Videos’ tab and then go to the ‘2007’ subpage (links on the right) it doesn’t go to the 2007 page – as in the title is supposed to change to ‘2007’, it just stays on ‘Videos’. And I’ve edited the page to have some content (Manage->Pages etc.) but it’s just not coming up. I’ve checked, and all the permalinks seem to be correct.

    It seems to be doing this for all the subpages that have numbers as their title – i.e all the 2007 and 2008 pages under ‘Videos’ ‘Photos’ etc – but they’re just not being directed to the right page. So is there something wrong with having numbers as titles? I wouldn’t think so, since a couple of minutes ago it was working fine, but eventually it just stops working.

    Any help?



    The problem is the dates. You can’t use those.


    You can keep the year numbers as the TITLES of the pages, but change the editable part of their permalinks into a word instead of a number – or anything that will include a letter besides the number.



    Thank you vivianpaige and panaghiotisadam. Didn’t realise you couldn’t have just numbers in there. Guess I’ll have to change them then. Thanks for the quick responses though.

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