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    Is there a way to pull the page tabs down so that they don’t obstruct my header image?


    The blog I need help with is


    Not with out the Custom Design upgrade and modifications to the CSS, and due to the way Ocean Mist is designed, the outcome might not be too aesthetically pleasing.

    I will say, that you need to consider making the labels for the menu tabs shorter. Shorter is always better, but it might be difficult given the titles that are there now.

    Another option would be to go with a custom menu widget in the sidebar and then do away with the top menu altogether. You can get rid of the top menu by creating a blank custom menu and then assigning that menu to the “primary menu” location.



    Thanks for the information! I will experiment with the custom menu widget. Would you know by chance how the folks at CNN make their webpages on WordPress so wide while mine appears to be so narrow on the screen?


    The CNN site is a completely custom theme they created. VIP customers can do that.

    There are a number of much wider themes than the one that you are using. Ocean Mist is a very old theme and as such was made when the majority of monitors were much narrower.

    Due to the way Ocean Mist is made, making it wider via CSS is quite a project as the all the visual elements in the theme are individual images which would have to be recreated in wider versions.

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