Pages on Yoko Theme DO NOT OPEN

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    I’m having troubles with my blog, I use the YOKO theme and my pages do not open. I’m having no problems with posts but my pages send me to the general wordpress page.

    The blog I need help with is


    The site you reference is set to private so we volunteers cannot look at it. Can you temporarily set it to public (1st or 2nd selection at settings > privacy) so we can look? If not, you will need to wait until someone from staff come through and take a look for you.


    Its public now :) thank you


    So when I click home or any of the other pages created it automatically sends me to rather than to name here)


    That is a bug that came in with one of staff’s recent code changes and they are in the process of running scripts to fix that on everyone’s site. Be patient and it will be sorted out soon.

    There is an announcement from staff in the big yellow box at the top of the main forum page about this issue.

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