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    Hi there-
    Sorry if i’m asking an obvious quesiton. I’ve been using wordpress for my blog: for a few months now, but i typically just do new posts.

    Why does it seem like “Pages” have less capabilites than “Posts?” How can i add links, docs, or photos, to “Pages.” In “Posts” it seems very easy b/c there is that toolbar with shortcuts for links and even style things like ‘bolding’ etc. Is any of this possible in “Pages??”
    Thanks alot!



    You should have exactly the same toolbar for Pages as you do for Posts. Maybe the preferences for that part of your blog got switched somehow? You should still be able to tab between the two editors, the visual and the HTML. Has it always been this way on your blog?



    Agreed. The Pages are different as they sit outside of the categories and the datestamps but the editing should be the same.

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