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    I am trying to have different pages along the top for one of my existing pages, if you see what I mean? So when you click on stats (tab at the top of the page) different pages appear tabbed along the top. WordPress seems to infer this will work because I’ve made the first page the parent and the others sub-pages but still when I click on the parent I get the default pages along the top and no sign of my ‘children’ pages.
    How does the page count thing work? What does 0 mean?



    It may be the theme that you’re using doesn’t display sub-pages.

    Truthfully though, what you’re trying to do can’t be done on a account, but would be a simple fix/hack in a hosted WordPress blog.

    You can, however, use a different theme that will display the sub-pages list, or I believe there’s a widget for displaying pages, if I’m not mistaken.



    I’m not aware of any theme here at showing a tabbed navigation for child pages. You can use the page widget.

    The “count” is not a count, but a sorting tool. See:

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