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    I need someone to show a video or youtube about creating a PAGE a TAB and a POST in WordPress. What is the difference? is really convoluted and hard to EXPLAIN, otherwise people wouldn’t be still asking how to do it, lol! I have asked this question for about a year and I stumble my way thru the process then after hours of clicking and pasting I come up with some really lame blog. I now have 5 tabs at the top of my blog. I want to OPEN an existing TAB on my blogg, then ADD new/more content & media TO THAT TAB, so people can ‘click / scroll’ thru content on the TAB and make comments to my posts and see relevent CONTENT of that TAB. This is a TEST blog for me to practice…I’ve been practicing for about a year. I want to move on to WP.ORG, but I can tell its going to be even more convoluted? I don’t know if I should be using the word ‘posts’ or ‘comments’ to create content on my blog or some other vernacular. But Do You Get What I am trying to say? I can only have so many TABS across the top of the page. How does one ADD more content to their blog? Add more content to the existing tabs? I already have 5 tabs and I am running out of room at the top. Unless, I ADD content as COMMENTS. I notice the FIRST page (Homepage?) has TWO sections, I don’t see how to to this to the OTHER TABS and add more CONTENT to my EXISTING TABS with spaces for comments. I hope this is clear. I have tried to use the PARENT, and ORDER buttons on ‘page attributes’ from the EDIT mode, but nothing happens. And also, what the heck is ‘Writing Helper’ / ‘copy an existing page’, I keep clicking on it and nothing happens except I get a ‘cross hair’. I wish WP.COM was easier for newbs and non-techy types. Is there a YOUTUBE video about PAGES, POSTS, COMMENTS, PARENT and ORDER of blog contents?

    The blog I need help with is

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