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    Hi, I am new to blogging, and I was wondering how I can post to a specific page. For example, I want to post about Music, on the “Music” page, or post about “Crafts” on the crafts page. Is it somehow linked to categories.

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    The blog I need help with is




    Your question was a bit confusing. In case your question was more basic, it might help to be clear on the differences between posts and pages.

    If you were wanting to create a page called “Music,” which then linked to a bunch of posts about music, you’d create your posts separately and then make sure each had the category “Music” selected. You can then use the category page WordPress creates that’s called Music to display only posts with that category. If you want to make that a permanent page people can visit, you can create a custom menu that put “Music” on your navigation bar.

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