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Pages search box, pretty please!

  1. Would like to add a plug/request for including a Page Search widget--so you people could find things on your blog pages instead of just your posts. Then people could choose which search they want.
    I know this has been mentioned before, but am adding my vote here since Feedback is offline for the weekend and I probably won't remember to mention it during WP support working hours because I'll be working then... :)

  2. why would we need a page search? any examples?

  3. For example, I'm setting up a WP blog which will have a lot of detailed info in the pages, not the blog posts--will be an archive of which candidates voted what while they were in parliament, so people can make an informed choice in the upcoming elections.

    The blog portion will be "News". I'd like to give people the ability to look up the name of a candidate, ie search for his name in the pages, to see what he voted. It would make no sense to have this info in the blog part.

  4. well, some browsers have a page search, so that you can search for a specific word in your browser (firefox). Just hit control+f and you can search in a page.

  5. That's not the page search the poster is talking about. The search box attached to blogs will only search Posts within a blog. Pages are made to be seperate from the normal Posts and are not included in the searching.

  6. you mean something like this?

  7. @hansmagnus
    FWIW the blog you are linking to above is not a blog. It is not on a multi-user blogging platform like we are here

  8. @timethief
    sorry about that, i thought i was in forums, didnt even realize i had an account at
    so plugins, css, etc arent supported here? very, very bad...

  9. CSS is supported just fine. plugins affect all users, so they have to be implemented by the staff, with caution.

    the linked plugin requires some sort of (i'm not an expert, i'm just parroting something matt said about optimizations) full text indexing of the SQL tables that's not possible here.

  10. @hansmagnus
    There are three options for personalizing your blog at wordpress and starting out at is not a problem as blogs can be exported. This link explains the three options that are open to you.

  11. But to answer the question posed, plugins are not allowed since we're on a shared environment and there's no place for individual plugins to be uploaded. Also they would be a security risk since it would be child's play to upload one that would allow access to the backend.

    Veltis, I would still send in a feedback with your vote.

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