Pages to display posts from one category

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    Hi there,

    I have a blog hosted on and I would like to create a pages
    (or better yet, subpages) that will list the posts for that one category.
    For example, I have the newest post on the first page, but then it would be nice
    to have subpages like current events which show all the current events posts, or travel
    that shows all the travel posts etc… I know that i can just put the categories widget
    on the sidebar, but I don’t want it to appear on all the pages. I would rather be able to put that “widget” directly on the page for that category. I suppose the easy solution would
    be to have multiple blogs, but as far as I know that isn’t possible from one interface..

    Any ideas?



    Best bet would be to grab a copy of the WordPress software, find yourself a host and modify it to the way you want it. What you’re trying to do would at least require a custom theme which is not supported with the WPMU software.

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