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    I have a site where I’d like to include biographies of soldiers killed in world war 1. I thought about creating a page for each individual but that would make the drop down menu very long. The alternative is to produce a pdf for each solider and then link from the index page. However I am concerned if I do this the pdf might not be easily searchable by search engines.

    I don’t know why this forum page won’t let me put in the name of the site but for the record My site is
    the menu item I am asking about is this one

    Any suggestions would very much appreciated…..


    Hello @kheenand,

    It’s a common mistake, but your support request is posted in the wrong forum. This forum supports websites hosted with Your website is using, which allows for other hosting alternatives. Your site is hosted by Krystal Hosting.

    There are similar support forums for websites like yours. To learn more, start here:

    If you post to the correct forum, I think it is likely that you will receive some suggestions. I do agree with your concern about using PDF files. Good luck with your project!

    optional reading
    If you are curious, here is a link that explains the differences between and



    Thanks for that guidance. I shall hope over to the right forum :)

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