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pages vs. text widgets

  1. So, I've just added a page to my site and it's a 'child' under About Me. If I choose the alternate placement it ends up at the top on the title bar. How do I get this page to just stand alone in the page widget?

    Second question please. Can I (or rather how do I) add pages in a text widget. Do I have to get involved with code to do this????

    My intention here is to add various articles to the site in a variety of topics. I thought I could organize them in text widgets....I don't think so now, I'll probably delete what I have. Idea's here??????

    I apologize if this is too much............still very new at this.

  2. there is a page widget, so don't hassle yourself with codes. if you want a page to stand alone, you have to 'unchild' it, so why not make it a page without any parents?

    you can place links in text widgets, you could put it in a page. pages are easier to navigate than text widgets, and it won't take a big space in your sidebar.

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