Pages Widget: Exlude Pages?

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    Hi, quick question. I’m using the pages widget as a site index, but I don’t want to include the “welcome to my blog” page in this list… anyway, the “exclude page ID” portion of the pages widget seems like it should take care of that, but it won’t work for me. Or maybe the page id is something different from the name of the page and I’m typing the wrong thing? Thoughts?


    The page id is different from the title. You can find the page id by going to manage > pages and hovering your mouse over the name of the page in the list, and looking at the link that shows in the status bar at the bottom of your browser. The page ID is the number at the end.



    Great, that worked! Thanks!



    thank you too! otherwise i couldn’t find the page ID after the new interface was introduced.

    thanks :)

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