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    On my pages widget some of the links don’t underline & change color when you hover over them. It also appears to be a different shade of white then my theme, is there anything I can do about this?

    I am using the default pressrow theme with the following CSS edits:

    a:link {

    a:hover {

    a:visited {

    #header h1 {

    Can anyone help?


    The underline and change color for me with Firefox 3 and Safari 3 – both on Mac. They all go lime green when I hover over them.

    I am seeing the background all jagged on the right-hand side (grey) where the child pages are shown. I can’t seem to figure out how to get that to go away though.


    The link color changes appear to be working for me on a different computer (& browser) but the pages widget still appears grey instead of white. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix that?


    To remove the background from the widgets change “background” to none as shown in the following:

    #sidebar ul li.widget ul, #akismetwrap, .sidebar_section {
    padding:10px 0 7px;

    Thank you. I have gotten the background on the widget fixed now I just need to find out why the links in the pages widget don’t always change to green when you hover. It appears that only about 2/3rds of them are working correctly while viewing in IE7.


    Try clearing your browser cache and then force reload the page and see if they change colors. The a:visited is set to color #000000. That means once it is visited, it doesn’t change colors.


    Thanks for all your help!


    You’re very welcome.

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